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Buying your perfect new home through GLB

We know how much time, searching and patience it takes to find that perfect home, whether it be that your first time buyers, who need the budget to be just right, the family that have outgrown their space, you’re at the point in life where you need to downsize or you’re an investor looking for the next great opportunity…..we get it, we understand your individual needs, because we take time to evaluate exactly what that next perfect home or investment means to you.

Need Help Finding A Mortgage?

Why not book a consultation with our Independent Mortgage Advisor?

If you’re struggling to find the right mortgage for your circumstances then why not take advantage of a free, no obligation, relaxed consultation with our Independent Mortgage Advisor over the phone or even a home visit!

Our Mortgage Advisors are experienced, keep up to date and so know how to quickly determine your eligibility and borrowing limits. All our Mortgage Advisors are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure you get the best compliant advice.

Our top buying tips

  • Use GLB…The best agent around...obviously!
  • Define…your property specification. Location, school access, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms.
  • Your Budget…If you need to borrow from a mortgage lender. Try and get an offer in principle in place before looking at properties.
  • Check…the price against similar properties in the area. Work out if you are paying the right price.
  • Early Viewing…is recommended. Others may be interested too.
  • Make An Offer…properties sell fast, so if you've found "THE ONE" be sure to make your offer ASAP to avoid disappointment.
  • Survey…the property for an opinion in case there are faults with the property you find.
  • Timing…is important if you are selling your property too. Make sure your own sale and purchase are progressed in parallel.